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Mail/Phone Order

Merchants who operate mail order businesses are still able to take advantage of premium merchant services with PayCanada’s mail and telephone payment options. We can provide a Mail Order/Phone order payment service that will best serve your business. We can even add this service to your retail merchant services package, giving you the added benefit of servicing customers who patronize your business by mail or phone, ensuring you address all market segments.

The benefits of our Mail Order/Phone Order package are:

1) You have all your payment options from one source; PayCanada handles mail orders, phone orders, in-store and Internet

2) Mail Order and Phone Order payment capabilities allow merchants to expand their customer base without compromising the integrity of customer payments.

3) The ease of having all your merchant services fees on one convenient bill

Selling by mail and telephone is a snap with PayCanada merchant services. We have the payment processing solutions for every type of business.

On The Move

If you are a business owner who is constantly on-the-go, you need flexible payment processing solutions that can go wherever you do. PayCanada has a variety of solutions that will make it easier to get paid for your products and services wherever you are, while giving your customers the opportunity to pay using the method that is most convenient for them.

PayCanada has short and long range wireless POS units that can serve many types of mobile professionals. Our short range POS units operate wirelessly within close proximity to their home location. They’re perfect for home office-based professionals such as accountants, lawyers, doctors and dentists. Our long range POS units can go virtually anywhere you do. If you’re a physiotherapist, nurse, or other type of travelling professional, PayCanada can help ensure you get paid for your services securely on the spot, while offering your clients the convenience of paying with any method they desire.

Take the worry out of billing and collection by allowing PayCanada to design a POS solution that is right for your mobile business. Get a free analysis from our Certified PayCanada Point of Sale Terminals Advisors by calling 1-855-301-6060.

Office Management

PayCanada offers an administrative POS solution that integrates all your tasks into one easy-to-use system. With various software options, PayCanada can design a solution for your business that can assist your employees with increasing productivity by streamlining tasks.

Our administrative options include e-commerce, POS, credit card and electronic payment processing that includes the capability to deposit funds into multiple accounts regardless of the holding bank. This cutting-edge administrative solution can be customized for event planning, sourcing, and online registration, as well as surveys and marketing campaigns. You’ll find PayCanada’s offering to be the most comprehensive solution for your administrative needs. We can even add an option that will integrate your accounting system allowing it to blend your retail storefront and your back office tasks together seamlessly, drastically improving efficiency. Only PayCanada can offer you these flexible options that will give you the ability to manage your business more efficiently.

For more information, contact a PayCanada POS and Merchant Services Professional at 1-855-301-6060.

Educational Institutions

PayCanada offers some of the best POS and merchant services solutions tailored specifically for schools and universities. Our services simplify administrative tasks, putting the emphasis back on learning.

PayCanada provides solutions that safely and efficiently process tuition and other payments on a one-time or a recurring basis. Reporting tools are included to streamline payment tracking as well as cash flow and other important metrics. Our solutions afford you the ability to process debit and credit card transactions in real time, online and in-person. We provide convenience and flexibility to the institution as well as parents and students; that way, tuition and other educational costs are handled with ease. Plus, our solutions can be integrated into any new or existing system.

For more information on PayCanada’s Education POS Solutions, call 1-855-301-6060 and ask to speak to a POS and Merchant Services Specialist.

Fueling & Convenience Stores

PayCanada understands the POS and merchant services needs of today’s modern gas stations and convenience stores. Combined convenience stores and gas stations are very common and we can help simplify your payment processing by offering integrated solutions that can handle all imaginable purchases with one simple package. PayCanada handles every aspect of this lucrative combination of gas and convenience by ensuring that all credit and debit card payments are handled as securely and efficiently as our other POS solutions, with maximum speed for your busy customers.

PayCanada’s POS options are in compliance with the strict guidelines of the retail fuelling industry and are designed to handle everything from the gas pump to the back office. This means that the customer who comes in for a fill-up along with a cup of coffee and a snack can expect the same convenience in payment as any other retail establishment. It also means higher revenue for you and more appealing choices for your customers. You can even integrate a gift card and loyalty program if you choose.

For more information about PayCanada’s POS solutions for gas and convenience stores, call 1-855-301-6060 and ask to speak to a POS and Merchant Services Professional.


Grocery stores are some of the most management-intensive businesses in operation. They require a tremendous amount of attention to detail; particularly in how customers pay for their items. Today, it is all about speed and convenience, and the fewer steps there are, the happier your customers will be.

PayCanada solutions provide that speed and convenience while ensuring state-of-the-art safety and security as standard. We have specific POS and merchant services solutions designed for the grocery industry, that include self-checkout, mobile and wireless options, along with administrative tools that allow management handle administrative tasks with ease. Our back office applications and electronic shelf labels make stocking shelves simple and inventory easier to track. You can also include an integrated marketing tool that will collect purchasing data from customer transactions ready for analysis. PayCanada offers all this, and more, to help increase sales and productivity, while maintaining secure and effective payment processing options for customers.

For more information on PayCanada’s POS Solutions for grocery stores, call 1-855-301-6060 and ask to speak to a POS and Merchant Services Professional.

Health & Wellness Industry

If you’re in the business of helping people stay fit and healthy, PayCanada has POS and merchant services solutions that will help you simplify your life, boost revenue, and let you focus on helping your clients.

PayCanada’s integrated POS solutions can assist with class and instructor scheduling in a fitness club environment, as well as retail management (online and in-store), client services, sales and marketing. With just one PayCanada system, you can accomplish all your administrative tasks without sacrificing accessibility to your clients. Plus, you will be able to increase revenue and increase your competitive edge. This unique solution will allow you to run your salon, spa or fitness locations from anywhere in the world, giving you the freedom and peace of mind that comes from knowing your technology will be working for you no matter where you are.

For more information about PayCanada’s Health and Wellness POS and merchant services solutions, give our Merchant Services Professionals a call at 1-855-301-6060.

Food & Beverage Industry

If you are a restaurant owner and would like to upgrade your patrons’ dining experience, consider adding a PayCanada Mobile POS terminal to your payment processing system.

A mobile POS terminal will allow your servers to give patrons the option of paying the bill tableside, as opposed to handing off their credit card to be processed at an alternate location. Not only will a mobile terminal expedite the payment process, it will assure patrons that their payment is being handled safely and securely in their presence. The patron has the option of swiping their card or using a PIN, as well as the option to add a gratuity to their credit or debit card payment. With the addition of a mobile, wireless POS terminal, your establishment will run at peak efficiency and your patrons will enjoy an enhanced dining experience.

To find out more about how a PayCanada mobile POS terminal can help your establishment, get a free analysis from one of our Certified PayCanada Point of Sale Terminals Advisors by calling 1-855-301-6060.


If you are a single-store retail establishment, PayCanada can help you streamline your administrative procedures with our integrated retail POS solutions.

At PayCanada, we understand how much information the retail merchant must process on a daily basis. With PayCanada, you have the option to choose the most appropriate POS terminal. In addition, our web-based retail cash register and inventory system can help keep track of customer spending habits, inventory and other statistics all with just a single unit. Our retail POS system will help you manage the most important aspects of your retail business, while processing customer payment transactions at the register. Our system is designed to help retail businesses increase sales and productivity, while improving efficiency. In the meantime, your customers are assured that their payments will be processed safely and quickly with minimum fuss. Our retail POS solution is a win-win for both merchant and customer.

To find out more about PayCanada’s Retail POS solutions, call one of our Certified PayCanada Point of Sale Terminals Advisors at 1-855-301-6060.


If you are a seasonal business owner, you know you have a short window of time in which to operate and maximize revenues. PayCanada can help you capture every sale by building a payment processing plan that will increase efficiency and customer satisfaction. You’ll spend less time handling payment transactions, and more time helping customers.

By giving your customers the option to pay with the method most convenient for them, you enhance their shopping experience, as well as give them the opportunity to spend more than they would if their only option is cash. PayCanada’s high speed and mobile POS solutions make it easy for you to accept credit and debit cards, even for a seasonal business. You can even integrate our merchant services options into your PC and process payments with our web-based solutions. Either way, you get secure and convenient payment processing, making the most of your short season.

For more information on PayCanada’s merchant services for seasonal and temporary businesses, give our Certified PayCanada Point of Sale Terminal Advisors a call at 1-855-301-6060. We have the POS solution that is right for your seasonal business.


If you run a service-based business such as housekeeping, landscaping, plumbing, or home renovations, there is a PayCanada merchant services solution that is right for you. With more businesses going mobile, PayCanada can help you process payments on the go, safely and securely. Not only is this convenient for the business owner, but customers will enjoy the ability to pay upon completion of services with a debit or credit card, without having to worry about producing cash or writing a cheque. You’ll offer convenience to your customers and realise improved competitiveness in the market.

PayCanada has a variety of mobile POS terminal options that go wherever you do. We include web-based tracking capabilities that make it easy for the mobile business owner to track sales, payments and other information vital to your business. With this you can make more informed decisions based on the real figures. You can even schedule recurring credit or debit card payments for your regular customers, taking the worry out of wondering when you’ll get paid.

PayCanada’s Certified Credit Card Processing Advisors are standing by, waiting to devise a mobile payment processing plan that will best suit your business. Give us a call at 1-855-301-6060.

Leisure & Hospitality

Allow your customers to enjoy their leisure time activities by making it easy for them to pay for services and fees. PayCanada has mobile POS solutions for the Leisure and Hospitality industry that make it simple and convenient to obtain payments from your customers. Our mobile payment processing solutions provide quick and secure options for use on golf courses, in sports and recreational facilities, and in other venues where people want to pay quickly and get back to having fun.

Acceptance of major credit and debit cards is crucial to your particular industry. PayCanada will ensure your payment processing will be secured and efficient, allowing hotel, motel and bed-and-breakfast guests to take care of their charges and enjoy their holiday without the hassle. You have the option of mobile POS devices that will afford guests the convenience to pay in their rooms, on the golf course or ski slope. You can also integrate payment processing into your computer system, so you can book your clients rooms, tee times or other services and have them pay in just a few easy steps. PayCanada even has gift card and loyalty programs, so you can reward your regular customers for their continued patronage. Maximize sales through true convenience.

Our Payment Processing Professionals are standing by to devise a payment processing plan ideal for your business. Call 1-855-301-6060 for more information.

Home Renovation

Traditionally, Home improvement and renovation professionals accept only cash or cheques as payment for their services. Now, PayCanada can give you the ability to accept debit and credit cards from all your customers, eliminating the awkwardness of cash transactions. That way, there is no billing to be done, and no waiting for payment. Bring your firm to the new age of fast electronic payments and make payment easy for yourself and your clients.

PayCanada’s selection of POS terminals provides merchant services solutions for many types of home businesses. Whether you’re a roofer, electrician, plumber, mason or a general contractor, we can devise a plan that will take the worry out of getting paid, and increase customer satisfaction. Your customers get to choose their preferred method of payment, and you get paid instantly. We can also help streamline your administrative procedures by including web-based analysis tools that will help you to better manage your business.

For more information about how PayCanada can provide your home business with efficient POS and merchants services solutions, give our Merchant Services Professionals a call at 1-855-301-6060.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are essential to the retail industry. In Canada, 82% of all retailers issue and accept them. They generate business, encourage customer loyalty and provide a marketing venue to give your business more exposure. PayCanada can not only design gift cards to your specifications, but we can also process them using the same POS equipment you use for credit and debit cards.

Do You Accept Gift Cards in Your Business?
Gift cards are one of the best ways of promoting products and services to your existing or potential customers. PayCanada offers flexible purchase options to clients. It’s simple to use and very similar to debit and credit card processing.

Advantages of Gift Cards

New sales and marketing opportunities

Generate business and increase cash flow

Provide customers a more secure way of spending money

Load and use – simple to setup and process for clients

Encourage customer loyalty

Spreading awareness of your companies branding through gift cards, with your logo and corporate design

Our gift card service is part of our merchant services packages which is tailored to suit the needs of almost any business. If you’re interested in adding gift cards to your payment offering, call one of our Merchant Services Professionals at 1-855-301-6060.

Gift Cards Packages

Handling your gift card solution with PayCanada takes the stress out of giving your customers this valuable payment tool. We’ll help you select a program to suit your exact business needs and then design, deploy and maintain your new gift card processing system. See the benefits in customer traffic, satisfaction and loyalty. Our innovative solutions even allow for integrations with social media, e-mail and mobile applications.

Call PayCanada Merchant Services Account Executives at 1-855-301-6060 or fill out an Online Application Form, in order to learn more about our gift card packages.

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